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Premarital Counseling Packages in San Diego

I have several Premarital Counseling Packages that will allow you to set your relationship up for lasting success and to begin your marriage on solid ground.  In addition to counseling packages, you can purchase additional sessions as stand alone Premarital Counseling sessions, or to enhance the packages offered.


GET CLEAR PACKAGE:  (4 sessions)

This package is a great start to help you learn about your relationship, to determine areas of strengths, and tighten up areas that need attention.


This package provides 4 sessions devoted to one thing, and on thing only, premarital counseling san diego pre marriage  ensuring your relationship and your upcoming marriage are on solid footing and equipped to handle the stresses and changes the future will bring.


We will use a 110 item survey to determine your Relationship Profile and the degree of alignment you and your partner share on 10 of the most important relationship domains that impact couples and marriage satisfaction.


Although the process of these 4 sessions is individualized to your specific needs and wants, I have provided a basic breakdown of the process.



Discuss the history of your relationship, your goals and dreams, basically, you are teaching me about your relationship and all that has brought you to this wonderful time in your lives.

  • How you met
  • What your goals and plans are
  • Any concerns you may have (if any)



We will review the results of your Relationship Profile and begin the process of strengthening the relationship domains that are less aligned than the others.

  • Review all 10 domains of the Relationship Profile
  • Identify lesser aligned domains
  • Begin to communicate and gain alignment on domains



During this Premarital Counseling session, we will continue to discuss the relationship domains and begin the basics of healthy communication and conflict resolution skills.

  • Learn healthy communication skills
  • Identify conflict management that leads to greater emotional intimacy
  • Begin a plan for relationship maintenance &  enhancement



In this last session of the package we will begin to tie together the above three sessions by finalizing a plan of action to align all domains possible, to practice healthy communication skills, and plan relationship enhancement activities to use for the duration of your relationship.

  • Review goals and progress toward them
  • Bring lesser aligned goals into alignment
  • Implement healthy communication and conflict resolution skills



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"Premarital Counseling increases

relationship satisfaction by 30%"

GET SOLID PACKAGE:  (6 sessions)

This package is nearly identical to the GET CLEAR PACKAGE in that sessions 1-4 consist of the same general format and content.  As with the GET CLEAR PACKAGE it is individualized to your specific needs and wants.  premarital counseling san diego pre marriage 


What distinguishes this package as the preeminent Premarital Counseling Package is the addition of sessions 5 & 6 that create a rock solid actionable plan for relationship maintenance, enhancement, and relationship growth.


You will learn how to fight fairly, how to use conflict to build emotional intimacy, and develop skills to ensure relationship growth and conflict reduction activities.



Learn about the many different ways that couples in relationships express love and how this manifests itself in your relationship.  This alone will set you apart from most other couples as you will have the foundation to express and receive love in a language that best suits your partners and your individual needs, and ensures relationship development and growth.

  • Understand how love is expressed by you and your partner
  • Learn how to express love in a way that builds intimacy
  • Realize how to receive love in an alternate way



A comprehensive deep dive into fighting fair.  If you're passionate about your relationship, there will be conflicts, they are unavoidable, and are in no way related to how much you love each other.  You will learn how to fight fairly, how to use conflict as a way to bring more emotional and physical intimacy, and how to use conflicts to improve your relationship instead of hurting it.

  • Learn techniques for fighting fair
  • Develop a conflict resolution style that strengthens your relationship
  • Create conflict reducing activities for your relationship




While the Premarital Counseling packages described above provide the best value, additional sessions can also be purchased to enhance either of these two packages and further secure the foundation of your relationship and marriage.


In the event that neither package suits your needs, sessions can be purchased individually and customized to your specific needs.  Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss how best tailor a program to fit your specific situation.



You've invested considerable time, effort, emotional energy, and probably a few tears into your relationship to ultimately be at this stage of preparing for a life together; a marriage.  Ensure your relationship is ready stand the test of time and the unexpected challenges that lay ahead.


"Don't just get married, build a life together"

Premarital Counseling in San Diego


Premarital Counseling in San Diego

Dr. Chris Fragiskatos, Ph.D., LMFT #34336